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I am acutely aware, both through my own experiences and treating others, that mental and emotional stress and distress, diet and lifestyle choices and even the environment in which we live, can have a profound effect on our health. I know firsthand - and with my clients - that stress, lack of sleep, poor diet, poor relationships, alcohol, smoking - and so much more - can cause illness as well as prevent wellness. These factors can feed into a vicious cycle that keep you from living at full capacity, potentially for years at a time.

Whether we are dealing with your diagnosed medical condition or investigating your symptoms to know the best approach for treatment, I will always consider every aspect of your life and its capacity to help or hinder you to optimal wellness. It is only by doing this that the foundations can be laid so that you can achieve the best possible health outcomes and be empowered to take charge of your wellness. I will consider appropriate referrals or functional testing, as well as supplementation with herbs or nutrients to start you back to wellness. My ultimate goal is for you to be independently healthy in all aspects of your life.