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About Jessica
Hello & Welcome to Aloe Nutrition, My name is Jessica Bruce and I'm a bachelor qualified Nutritionist operating on the Moreton Bay Peninsula just North of Brisbane. Aloe Nutrition is my personal creation and dream coming to fruition aims to project that Health IS for Everyone! 

I often find people have no idea what a Nutritionist actually does, which is why I am making it a personal challenge to change that. Most people would be surprised by what a Nutritionist can do, in fact we cover just about every health ailment you can think of, some of us choose to specialise and other's choose to stay in more generalised care. Here at Aloe Nutrition the focus is one health for everyone, which means I operate that generalised health space. I never know what will come through my door and its one of the reasons I love my job so much. 

Some of the more common spaces I operate out of include (but of course not limited to!)

Family Health [Men's, Women's, Teen & Children's Health)
Senior's Health
Gut Health
Mental Health
Vaginal Health & Hormones
ADHD, Spectrum kids & plain old fussy eaters
Chronic disease [Asthma, Diabetes, Obesity]
Skin Conditions
Stress & Sleep 

Whatever challenge you're facing with your health there is a chance Nutrition can help you. 

Still not sure if it’s your thing … send me an email on or book a five minute phone call and I can introduce myself properly and we can see not only if nutrition is the right call for you and if I’m the right practitioner for you.

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