Jadine Hanys - Alchemical Nutrition

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Doonan, 4562 (AU)
Thurs & Fri 9-6, Saturday 11-4
0451 075 612
About Jadine
Well Wasted Nutrition offers face to face consultations in Doonan on the beautiful Sunshine Coast, QLD or online via Zoom Internationally.

Jadine Hanys, owner and founder of Alchemical Nutrition, is a fully registered and degree qualified nutritionist holding a Bachelors of Science in Nutritional Medicine. She is passionate about whole food, sustainable nutrition and inspiring nourishing lifestyle practices. She believes that healthy, nutritious food is also the best tasting food and is committed to inspiring, motivating and encouraging clients to achieve their personal best and be positive about themselves and the choices they make.

Coming from a hospitality background, Jadine has first-hand experience of shift work and the demands our work and lifestyle place on our body and has intimate knowledge of simple ways to provide nourishment that don't involve hours in the kitchen (unless thats what you want!). Eating should nourish our bodies, minds and souls. Jadine loves to empower her clients to understand what that means for them whilst addressing health goals/concerns. 

Jadine utilises up to date scientific research and functional testing combined with evidence based practice, to provide comprehensive yet understandable recommendations for her clients. Taking a whole person centred approach to Nutrition, Jadine believes sustainability is the key, finding sustainable options for each individual to thrive.

Jadine has a key interest in;

  • Female Hormones and preconception care
  • Gut health and the gut microbiome/ digestive dysfunction
  • Skin health and all skin conditions
  • Mental health
  • Weight management
  • Family Health