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About Eleanor
I'm a degree qualified Naturopath who first entered the world of complementary medicine after my own childhood journey with ulcerative colitis. My experience of managing a chronic condition from a young age gave me an intimate, first hand insight into navigating an autoimmune disease diagnosis. 

Years later, I experienced another unexpected health challenge. The birth of my daughter was traumatic and a complex recovery followed. After navigating postnatal depression, I realised how sacred the postpartum period is for every mother. So much emphasis can get placed on the baby, that the mother's needs often go overlooked. I realised how vitally important it is to have a strong, intelligent and empathetic advocate who can guide and champion the health needs of the mother when she has no energy to do it herself.

I'm also passionate about educating patients around these aspects of their health so they are empowered to take ownership of their health. My goal is for patients to walk away from a consultation feeling happier, healthier and empowered.

Elle is also a kiwi, cheese lover and chronic tea drinker.