Breanna Robyn Bennetts - Dr Bree Acu + Tcm

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194 Wright Street

Adelaide, 5000, SA
Tuesday and Thursday
0425 432 878
About Breanna

My name is Bree Bennetts and I am a proud Doctor of the magic that is Traditional Chinese Medicine.

I realised I was born to be a healer, teacher and guide of the physical, spiritual and mental health of other women when I found myself delving deeper into the ancient teachings of blood in my own time, when conversations with my girlfriends about their cycles intrigued my soul, and when I recognised the deep feeling of admiration whenever I saw a pregnant woman.


My passion and love for my work lies in regulating menstrual cycles, soothing pain, clearing skin and treating complex hormonal conditions such as endometriosis or PCOS. I do this by holding space for open, raw conversation, to teach and heal. I have a strong yearning to support families through their fertility struggles and successes, then be a support person throughout their entire pregnancy, birth and post-partum phases. After 5 incredibly rewarding years of clinical experience and an internship at the Guangzhou Hospital in China, I have found such a deep and honest passion in all areas of Women’s Health, and treat with the use of traditional high grade herbal medicine, dietary advice, warming moxibustion and acupuncture.