Woohoo Body

Woohoo Body products are available to practitioners, students and clients of practitioners via vital.ly.



Woohoo Body Products deodorant paste is the healthy, toxin-free alternative to antiperspirant deodorants that will keep you BO-free all day long. It's 100% natural, organic, vegan, and Aussie made. 100% cruelty-free (no animal testing).


Phone: (02) 4957 5774

Address: 8 Harris St, Maryville, NSW, 2289, Australia


Sweating is actually really good for you. And antiperspirants aren't. Ditch the antiperspirant and get your sweat on with Woohoo. It's 100% natural, healthy, sensitive skin friendly and IT JUST WORKS (... ALL day). The deodorant you’ve been waiting for.