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Solagran Products use unique green technology and world-leading science to produce highly effective natural substances with multiple applications collectively trademarked as Bioeffectives. 


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Bioeffectives are natural, biologically active substances currently obtained from green conifer needles. They are the result of an extensive and ongoing research program that commenced at the St Petersburg State Forest Technical Academy (SPbFTA) in Russia in 1929. The aim was to isolate the “live elements” responsible for the phenomenal natural endurance of conifers, which flourish in extreme temperatures ranging from -40°C to +40°C.


These completely natural products have shown to have multifaceted therapeutic actions with high efficacy, and are remarkably free of side effects. Most are compositionally complex, containing variously chlorophyll, carotenoids, polyprenols, vitamins, diterpene resin acid derivatives, bioflavonoids, minerals and other components.