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Research Nutrition are an Australian-based company now partnered with Thorne Research, working to provide consumers and practitioners with a range of high-quality nutritional supplements. In addition to their own range, Research Nutrition also distribute the Nordic Naturals range of fish oil supplements.


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Address: 18 / 93 Rivergate Place, Murarrie 4172 Queensland, Australia


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Research Nutrition & Thorne Research

Thorne Research has developed over the last 30 years to become a worldwide provider of trusted, high-quality and research-based products. In recently partnering with Research Nutrition, the purity and efficacy expected of Thorne has been projected into Australia’s Functional and Nutritional Medicine resources.


Research Nutrition vision

With a focus on the consumer, Research Nutrition’s objective to provide a range of effective products supported by integrity and educated research, in order to support an educated Australian public. This objective values quality, purity and nutritional activity, as well as maintaining ethical relationships with consumers, suppliers and the wider health ecosystem.


Recognising that chronic illnesses are on the increase despite the progress of traditional Western medicine, Research Nutrition seeks to adopt an integrative, or functional, medical approach that supports the health and vitality of the individual.


Integrative / Functional Medicine

Functional medicine is differentiated by its consideration of the body as a whole, as opposed to autonomous systems. It examines systemic processes, and the relationships between these as they affect an individual’s health. This includes redefining health as a positive vitality, rather than the absence of disease.


Research Nutrition aims to incorporate this principle into the Australian healthcare system, in providing practitioners and consumers with the resources to facilitate holistic a holistic approach to health and wellbeing.