Orthoplex, Orthoplex WL & Pure Innovation

Orthoplex, Orthoplex WL and Pure Innovation products are available to practitioners, students and clients of practitioners via vital.ly







Orthoplex has evolved over 30 years as part of BioConcepts’ drive for quality, reliability and synergy in a trusted practitioner range. Proudly Australian owned and operated, BioConcepts developed from founder and practitioner Henry Osiecki’s dissatisfaction with the gaps left in his nutritional armamentarium within Australia.


As a result, Osiecki introduced key nutrients – such as CoQ10, Lipoic Acid and Acetyl-L-Carnitine – into the Australian clinical resources, and launched BioConcepts with an emphasis on synthesizing biological functionality with conceptual education.


BioConcepts contact phone: 07 3868 0699

Address: Unit 9, 783 Kingsford Smith Drive, Eagle Farm 4009 Queensland, Australia

Email: info@bioconcepts.com.au




The Orthoplex range is founded on providing nutritional support through synergistic formulations and follows a philosophy of maintaining cutting-edge, synergistic, nutritional formulations. Products combine therapeutic nutritional doses while considering complementary nutrient co-factors. This works towards ensuring nutrients work collectively on specific biochemical pathways that are then manipulated into facilitating a positive response.


The emphasis on systemic treatment ensures that each product can be considered in conjunction with an ailment’s complete set of contributing factors and consequences of sub-optimal health.


Orthoplex online at www.vital.ly 


Orthoplex White Label

An extension of the Orthoplex range, the White Label range provides nutritional formulations requiring an integrated approach to clinical treatment. Following the philosophy of Connect, Protect, Strengthen, these products are designed to maximise patient outcomes alongside comprehensive clinical consultations.


Orthoplex White Label acknowledges the increasing complexity of ailments requiring clinical treatment and recognizes that a deep understanding of bodily systems and biochemical pathways is needed to properly address the impact of nutrient combinations.


Orthoplex WL online at www.vital.ly 


Pure Innovation

Another extension of the Orthoplex range. 


Orthoplex is a leading product range of the Australian company, BioConcepts. The label provides practitioner-only products available for use by practitioners and qualified students, and to clients of practitioners via vital.ly


Pure Innovation online at www.vital.ly