MTHFR Support

MTHFR Support products are available to practitioners, students and clients of practitioners via



Phone: (02) 9908 1888




MTHFR Support Products were founded in Australia by Carolyn Ledowsky. Carolyn is an MTHFR presenter, researcher and trains Dr’s and health practitioners around the world. Her interest is in training as many practitioners and patients as possible on how important this pathway is to good health. She works closely with Sterling Hill who developed the Sterlings App for interpretation of your 23andme genetic profile.


The only Australian clinic dedicated to supporting patients with MTHFR (Methylene-tetrahydrofolate reductase) gene mutations. MTHFR is a complex gene mutation responsible for many conditions not easily recognised as a genetic disease. Understanding and treating the disorder is of great importance to Practitioners and those suffering from conditions and related disorders.