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Metagenics are an Australian company, part of Health World Ltd. 


Contact phone: 1800 777 648

Address: 741 Nudgee Road, Northgate 4013 Queensland, Australia



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Metagenics Australia

While the Australian company shares a brand name with the still operating USA company, they are separate companies with separate manufacturing facilities. Health World Australia manufactures all their products from their Queensland base.



The company use raw materials of the highest quality and go to lengths to avoid manufacturing techniques that damage the constituent ingredients of the natural supplements produced. Their facility in Brisbane, Queensland is a state of the art facility with a strong focus on producing natural supplements of the highest quality.


Continued research on the most effective natural supplements and cutting-edge manufacturing technology ensures that they produce nutritional supplements of benefit to clients and patients. A solid network of sales reps throughout the region ensures naturopaths are comfortable prescribing their potent products, including the highly reputed detox range.


Detox (information attributed to

Over recent years “detox programs” have become popular. Countless types of detoxes claim to be a quick-fix. The one-size fits all approach to detox can dramatically affect both the safety and efficacy of the program. These programs lack the support of a Healthcare Practitioner and their advice to suitably prescribe something to address your health requirements.


Following a detox program can be one of the most effective strategies for rapidly improving the state of your health. The supplements used in the detox programs can only be prescribed by practitioners and are evidence-based, low reactive formulas that are of the highest quality. Unlike a store-bought program, the integrated detoxification programs are tailored to suit your needs as an individual.


The supplements selected for any detox program prescribed for you will be selected for your specific health needs - we cannot guarantee results with “similar” products purchased elsewhere. Regular screening and contact with your practitioner is needed to perform health screenings and evaluate the efficacy and safety of the program for you, as well as help to support and motivate you to keep you on track and achieve optimal results.