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Lifestyle Enzymes is an Australian owned and operated family wholesale distribution business that specialises in digestive enzymes. They passionately believe that Digestive Enzymes are vital to ensure proper nutrition by means of improved digestion, an essential building block to restore people to good health.



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The founder of Lifestyle Enzymes, Robert C McIlroy ND (retired), practised in Noosa Heads for over nineteen years and used the Genuine N.Zimes Formula #10 as a primary therapy in his clinic for over fifteen years. By various means of testing and using a questionnaire process, Robert found the majority of his patients, including small children, were showing signs of being enzyme deficient. This enzyme deficiency can be inherited and/or individually developed as a result of poor diets which consist of mostly cooked and highly processed foods, and through stress.


In this day and age of fast-food diets and busy lifestyles, it is very important to support the digestive process in every way possible, and the team at Lifestyle Enzymes strongly believe in this great formula, which has been available in the USA for many years and in Australia since the early 2000’s.


You are not necessarily what you eat, but what you can digest and absorb. Improved digestion through supplementation with microbial sourced enzymes should be the starting point in any health programme. When the body can obtain the energy it needs from the foods we consume, the body will perform wonders. In this way, enzymes can help maintain healthy digestive functions.