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Fem21 was formulated by Naturopath Meah Robertson who has been specialising in women's health since 2006. Fem21 is a culmination of years of Naturopathic clinical experience carefully formulated for excellent results. 


Address: 1 Koala St, Parkwood QLD 4214, Australia


The Fem21 Product is a formula of herbs, antioxidants, probiotics, fibre and greens works to balance hormones, cleanse the body and reduce stress. Supports healthy functioning ovaries to produce Estrogens and Progesterone in balance, as well as herbs for balancing the adrenal hormones.


Meah has worked with herbal medicine & nutrition over this time. Often patients would be advised to take multiple supplements, liquid herbs, foods and fibre to get results. Meah saw the opportunity to combine these key ingredients into the 1 easy to take formula. After carefully developing the formula for safety, efficacy and taste Fem21 was born.