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Eagle Pharmaceuticals is a brand of Integria Healthcare, an Australian company, which manufactures and distributes Eagle Pharmaceuticals. The brand is considered a "practitioner only", and whilst commonly available in health food stores and pharmacies, Integria's policy is to make these products available online only via a registered practitioner.


Integria contact phone: 1300 654 336

Head office: Building 5, Freeway Office Park, 2728 Logan Road, Eight Mile Plains 4113, Queensland Australia


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History (the below is available at eaglenaturalhealth.com.au)


Eagle was founded by Dr Townsend Hopkins and is now one of the most respected brands in natural health care in Australia. We are pleased to be able to entire range of Eagle products to practitioners, students and clients via pracs.com.au.


Dr Hopkins was introduced to naturopathic medicine when he contracted tuberculosis. He was nursed back to health with the assistance of natural medicine. In the 1950′s Townsend came to Australia (he was born in Uruguay in 1913) with a strong interest in complementary medicine, and this eventually led to the manufacturing his own natural medicines based on holistic principles. The outcome was a range of advanced and reliable products that Townsend’s team personally hand mixed, labelled and distributed.


Dr Hopkins went on to found Eagle Pharmaceuticals. He combined vitamins, minerals, amino acids, herbs and homoeopathics into a comprehensive range of formulas, some of which carry forward to this day. During this time Townsend also consulted in Sydney, providing better insight into the individual needs and therapeutic results obtained with Eagle products. 




Townsend regarded the health of the planet to be inseparably linked to the health of the individual. This integration of the whole and the ethos behind Eagle formulations is illustrated in his observation:


"Eagle formulations are developed to improve people's health and also the health of the ecology. Eagle products, coupled with good nutrition, exercise and avoidance of toxins leads to elevated health, energy, minds, ideals and happiness."


Diet and exercise increases the value of nutrient remedies. Toxic chemicals, heavy metals, dysbiosis, daily oxidative stress that interacts with genes, DNA, enzymes, immunity, nerves, brain and emotions are threats to our health and survival, and cause physical, mental and personality changes. The front end is oxidation, the tail end is disease.


"Eagle products are for repair and prevention, with a combination of potent antioxidants, a wide-range of herbal, vitamin, mineral and enzymatic remedies. Eagle is dedicated to the safety of humankind, through producing innovative, high quality, safe and effective formulations."


Uniting extensive qualifications in natural therapies with his dedication to produce multi-modality, effective products, Townsend studied and combined therapies from the nutritionist, homoeopath, naturopath, herbalist, biochemist and orthomolecular specialist.


Working meticulously, he created a unique respected product range, for exclusive use by the healthcare practitioner. Eagle continues Townsend Hopkins' traditions by producing specialised formulas containing vitamins, minerals, amino acids, nutrients, herbs and homoepathics that are trusted, reliable and efficacious.


Every product in the Eagle range is formulated with precision and diligence, backed up with technical information and educational material to further practitioners' understanding and deliver therapeutic solutions to improve patient health.


"The application of these principles by devoted healthcare practitioners will improve the well-being of individuals, groups and life on earth." Dr Townsend Hopkins 1996