Card for Humanity - REDcycle plastics project
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8th May, 2019Card for Humanity

CFH - RedCycle plastics project

Soft Plastics Recycling

Refusing and reducing the usage of plastic is an ideal habit to put into practice by seeking produce which is not prewrapped and buying in bulk where possible.

The focus for this card is an update on soft plastic recycling. Soft plastics are easily scrunched into a ball and cannot pop back into shape.

Some have termed them “scrunchables”. A crunchable soft plastic.

Some examples of soft plastics include:

  • biscuit packets
  • courier satchels
  • cereal box liners
  • ice cream wrappers
  • netting citrus bags
  • magazine wraps
  • silver lined chip packets
  • large pieces of plastic that furniture often comes wrapped in

REDcycle, a successful soft plastics recycling program, is an inspiring project that has been running throughout Australia. It diverts soft plastics (the ones that can’t go into your recycling bin!) from landfill and uses the material as a resource to produce over 200 recycled-plastic products. Replas is one company that uses this recycled soft plastics waste to make a range of outdoor products including fitness circuits, bollards, decking, fitness trails and roads.

In the few years that REDcycle has been operating, they have collected:

  • 380 million pieces of plastic
  • total weight of over 1525 tonnes
  • enough pieces of post-consumer soft packaging to circle the world more than three times over. This equates to 135 million metres of plastic packaging laid end to end

Soft plastics may be dropped into a REDcycle collection bin. To locate a bin, visit and type in your postcode or suburb.

Further information can be found at