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ChinaMed is sold through Sun Herbal, an Australian owned business established in June 2004.


ChinaMed practitioner support line: 1300 797 668


Address: Unit 5, 25 Garema Circuit Kingsgrove NSW 2208 Australia


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The ChinaMed range has been developed in consultation with a team of senior TCM clinicians in China, who have assisted in developing these innovative formulations that are designed to address modern Western conditions. Each formula makes use of specific ingredients and combinations of ingredients that have been proven consistently effective over several decades of clinical practice.



The manufacturing of ChinaMed begins with only the selection of top quality grade 'A' herbs, from the prime growing regions within China. These are sourced immediately prior to production for each new batch of herbal formula. The individual herbal ingredients are identified according to the guidelines in the Chinese Pharmacopoeia, and each herb is assessed by physical properties, microscopic features, chemical tests and chromatographic markers, as required.



The ChinaMed capsule range provides a convenient way to take Chinese herbal medicines. These highly concentrated herbal extracts are produced to a concentration ratio of 6:1, allowing a therapeutic dose to be easily achieved. The formulas have been specifically developed to be suitable for modern Western conditions, utilising the expertise of some of the most renowned herbal doctors in China.