• Formulated with folinic acid, hydroxycobalamin and nicotinamide, combined synergistic ingredients in the non-methylated form
  • Folinic acid is a form of folate and plays a vital role in the synthesis of DNA and the formation and maturation of red blood cells
  • Folinic acid may support cardiovascular function and some methylation reactions, including conversion of homocysteine to methionine
  • Vitamin B12 helps the body metabolise macronutrients and is required for red blood cell formation and cardiovascular function
  • Vitamin B3 is involved in the production of energy in the body and the metabolism of macronutrients
  • No added yeast, wheat, preservatives, artificial colours and flavours
  • Gluten and dairy free

Dosage & warnings

1 capsule daily with meals

If symptoms persist consult your health professional

Only take as directed.