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  • 100 Premium Grade pH Test Strip Kit, Instant 0.25 increments between pH 5.5- pH 7.5 on non-bleed, dual reagent pads
  • Instant test results for saliva and urine
  • European made using ISO 9001 and NIST buffer International standards for accuracy
  • Calibrated Strips and Colour Chart during manufacture, recyclable one-use plastic 'dip stick' style strips
  • No matter what level of health you currently experience - do you know if you are pH 7+ 
  • Before testing, it is 100% unknown how acidic you actually are
  • Instant test results for saliva and urine
  • Do you have a poor diet - occasions of eating and drinking poorly, or any of the following:
    • Processed foods
    • Soft drinks
    • White flour products
    • Meats - fresh and processed
    • Take-away, fast and fried foods
    • Sugar, sweeteners
    • Dairy products
    • Alcohol
  • The above list demonstrates our 'western' diet, and many people are unaware it contributes to acidic build up in your body
  • Stress also contributes to and affects your pH balance. Both physical and mental stress can lead to an 'acid state' in your body
  • A simple, quick ‘at home’ test, can give you consistent, accurate and fast results in under 2 seconds to know if the above influences may be affecting your health.
  • Instructions for both saliva and urine tests (daily):
    • 1st test - immediately upon rising - before any food/drink, cleaning teeth, etc.
    • 2nd test - Before lunch or late morning - 2 hours after any food/drink, etc.
    • 3rd test - Mid-afternoon or early evening - 2 hours after any food/drink, etc.
    • Use the daily results form to record your results

    Storage recommendations to maintain highest accuracy & consistent results:

    • Avoid Temperature, Light and Moisture exposure:
    • Ideal storage / & between uses Temperature is around 21 ˚C   (between 15 ˚C – 28˚C is satisfactory)
    • Keep Container in Dark, Dry & Cool place.
    • Use within 3 months of opening is ideal – 6 months is ok if stored as above.
    • No direct heat/sunlight – e.g. don’t leave in a vehicle,  or in contact with Acidic/Alkaline vapours – body care sprays and bathroom cleaners etc.
    • Replace lid immediately - before testing (immediately after removing a strip from the container.)

Dosage & warnings

Only take as directed.