Discontinued by Metagenics


  • Cold pressed from black sesame seeds grown in Mexico, without the use of any artificial fertilizers or pesticides
  • This oil has been used topically by Ayurvedic practitioners for many centuries
  • Black Sesame oil massage exerts a dramatic calming effect on stressed individuals
  • The use of black sesame as both a body and head massage oil is recommended when managing stress-related conditions, to balance the whole body
  • The calming effects can help restore the balance that is so easily upset by poor dietary and lifestyle habits associated with modern living
  • Black sesame oil also has an excellent fatty acid profile and is ideal for use in cooking and salads


  •  Black sesame oil 30 mL

Dosage & warnings

Warm 100 mL or more in a pan for 2 minutes or until a few drops of water placed in the oil start to fizzle. The oil is now cured
Place in a clean dark container and let it cool down until suitable for a warm massage
If reheating, place the cured oil container in hot water until the temperature of the oil is warm to the touch
Use 25 - 30 mL of this warm oil and massage over the entire body:
Using the flat of the hand, rub with circular motions on the trunk and straight up and down strokes of the arms and legs
This massage should take about 2 minutes
Leave the oil on for 10 minutes (cover with an old gown or cloth) before washing off in a warm bath or shower, or you can massage for a full 10 minutes before having a wash
Initially, massage daily (morning or evening) for 2 weeks
Then reduce to 3 times weekly for 2 weeks
A scalp massage can be performed twice weekly, if indicated by extreme Vata excess:
Massage warm oil (3 teaspoons) into the scalp
Use an old towel over your pillow and leave on the scalp overnight
Wash/shampoo or shower off the next morning

Only take as directed.