• Provides omega-3 concentrate fish oil plus evening primrose oil and vitamin E, this formula may help to
    • Support cardiovascular health and the maintenance of healthy blood lipids
    • Support the maintenance of healthy cardiovascular function
    • Support essential fatty acid levels in the body
    • Support skin integrity and hydration
    • Maintain healthy eye development
    • Assist with relieving inflammation
    • Support brain function
  • Omega-3 fatty acid metabolites EPA and DHA help to modulate inflammatory mediators in the body
  • No added gluten, milk, lactose, peanuts, tree nuts, crustacea, corn, egg or sesame seeds
  • No added artificial sweeteners, colours or flavours
  • Naturally flavoured non-enteric coated capsule

Dosage & warnings

1 - 2 capsules 3 times daily

Contains seafood, soy

If symptoms persist, talk to your health professional
Contains trace amounts of sulfur dioxide
Discontinue 7 days prior to general anaesthesia
High doses of evening primrose oil may cause mild headache and nausea
Caution is advised in patients with a tendency to oesophageal reflux and those with poor digestion and compromised gallbladder function
Concerns have been raised in the literature of the 1980s regarding concomitant use of evening primrose oil and phenothiazines
Gelatin capsules naturally contain phenylalanine, caution use in phenylalanine sensitivity

Only take as directed.



This product is listed with the TGA - AustL 225464. The TGA publishes product info, including excipients under the "Other ingredients" subheading (not typically listed on the product label). Download the TGA public summary below.