Astaxanthin is a carotenoid, like betacarotene. Betacarotene is probably the best known of all the carotenoids as it the best way to fulfil your body's Vitamin A needs. Astaxanthin has many powerful health benefits beyond many other carotenoids including: heart health, eye and skin health. It is 550 times more powerful than Vitamin E, 10 times that of betacarotene and surpasses Vitamin C as an antioxidant.

Astaxanthin can be found in plants and animals throughout the world. It is most prevalent in algae and phytoplankton, but it also can be found in a limited number of fungi and bacteria. Because organisms like many Astaxanthin containing algae and plankton are the base of the food chain, Astaxanthin can be found in many animals as well. Any sea animal that has a reddish or pinkish color contains Natural Astaxanthin. For example, you can find Astaxanthin in salmon, trout, lobster, shrimp and crab. These animals eat krill and other organisms that ingest Astaxanthin-rich microalgae and plankton as a major part of their diets.

Dosage & warnings

Adults: 1 capsule daily with meals or as recommended by your healthcare practitioner.

Only take as directed.


Coconut oil 140 mg
Haematoccocus pluvialis (Natural Astaxanthin Ester)
equiv. Natural Astaxanthin
400 mg
12 mg
Orthosilicic acid (Silica) 160 mg