Includes homeopathic Yellow Dock and other ingredients traditionally used in homeopathic medicine to help temporarily relieve dry, raspy, irritating coughs and nasal congestion.

  • Gluten free
  • Sugar-free
  • Lactose-free
  • Artificial colour free
  • No artificial flavours

Dosage & warnings

Adults and children over 12 years: 5 mL.
Children 2 – 12 years: 2.5 mL.
Initially, take one dose every half hour for 4 doses. Then, every 4 hours until symptoms are relieved, or as directed by your healthcare provider.

Only take as directed.


Aconitum napellus 3 C
Atropa belladonna 6 C
Bryonia 5 C
Hyoscyamus 3 C
Kali bichromicum 3 C
Phosphorus 6 C
Rumex crispus 3 X
Sanguinaria canadensis 3 C
Spongia tosta 3 C