• Pure Vetiveria zizanioides (Vetiver) root distilled essential oil
  • This oil has a rich, grounding scent that can be used to encourage relaxed sexuality
  • It can be used in deep tissue massage to help release constricting tension in the body
  • When blended, Vetiver acts as a strong base that can extend the effects of the top notes of other oils
  • Blends well with clary sage, black pepper, geranium and ginger
  • Origin: Sri Lanka
  • Certified organic
  • Vegan friendly

Dosage & warnings

Massage: 3 drops added to your massage blend
Diffusion: 3 - 5 drops

Not for internal use: if ingested, drink milk, consult a health specialist
Avoid contact with eyes: flush with water
Seek advice during pregnancy
Keep out of reach of children

Only take as directed.