Discontinued by ATP Science


Specifically targets subcutaneous fat (SF), which is the largest proportion of fat in the body. This is the fat you can see hanging around your waist, butt, legs and thighs and is difficult to shift with diet and exercise alone. The other type of fat (visceral fat) is a type of fat that is stored around your organs and is easier to shift with exercise and diet because it has a better blood circulation.

This serum can help to:

  • Mobilise fat from subcutaneous fat storage sites
  • Improve muscle definition
  • While using oral fat burners to target visceral fat and enhance metabolism. Subcut can be used to liberate fat into blood stream from isolated compartments directly under the skin
  • Enhanced transdermal absorption
  • Is used as a secret weapon by bodybuilders, physique and fitness models for pre-competition sculpting
  • Improves the appearance of regional fat deposits in men and women
  • Renews and regenerates the dermal connective tissue
  • Tones and increases the firmness of the skin and reduces the appearance of cellulite
  • Hypo-allergenic, anti-inflammatory and antihistamine for sensitive skin
  • Increases antioxidant levels protecting collagen and elastin from degrading prematurely
  • Formulated to tighten, smooth and firm areas of the body

Contains powerful proven ingredients that were chosen for their transdermal penetration and fat burning properties from researching published medical journals, white papers, clinical and university studies and in house trails to perfect the fat burning properties. 

Dosage & warnings

Massage serum into to fatty deposits on abdominal, buttocks, thighs and upper arms twice daily, or as recommended by your healthcare practitioner.

Not suitable for children under 15 years, pregnant or breastfeeding women.

Only take as directed.


Piper nigrum (fruit) (Black pepper)
Coleus forskohlii (root)
Paullinia cupana kunth (seed) powder (Guarana)
Rosa canina (Rose hip)
Cirsium oligophyllum (Japanese thistle)
Eucommia ulmoides (bark) ext. equiv. dry (Eucommia bark)