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This formula has been created to boost testosterone levels. 

In both men and women, testosterone levels peak between 25 to 30 years of age and thereafter drop approximately 1-2% annually. 
At the age of 60, testosterone levels are typically only 40-50% of youthful levels and may be lower due to stress and related lifestyle issues such as diet, exercise, and sleep patterns. This lowering in testosterone has been linked to a poorer health outcome in many areas of life. This formula has been created to boost testosterone levels. 

Dosage & warnings

2 capsules daily with food
Capsules can be opened and sprinkled onto food or added into smoothies

Not suitable for children under 15 years, pregnant or breastfeeding women. This food is not a sole source of nutrition and should be consumed in conjunction with a nutritious diet and appropriate physical training or exercise program

Only take as directed.


Nutritional information

Per serve per 100g
Energy 10.5 kj 1911 kj
Protein <0.05 g 9.0 g
Total Fat 0.05 g 8.35 g
Saturated Fat 0.04 g 6.7 g
Carbohydrates 0.55 g 83 g
Sugar 0 g 0 g
Sodium <5 mg <5 mg