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Brauer Products manufacture natural remedies which are Australian-made and owned.


Phone: (08) 8563 3398

Address: 1 Para Road (PO Box 234), Tanunda, SA 5352



Brauer began as a South Australian family pharmacy with a focus on natural medicines and has grown into a leading brand that is available in over 5000 pharmacies and health food stores across Australia. 

In 1929, Pharmacist Hermann Brauer started his small pharmacy where he sold both orthodox medicine and his own natural homoeopathic remedies. Hermann became well-known for his high-quality natural formulations, which he tailored to meet his customers’ needs. 


Hermann’s son, Warren, also a pharmacist, extended the family tradition and worked with his wife to create a full production and laboratory facility in South Australia’s Barossa Valley, where Brauer Natural Medicine is still based today.