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Maurice Blackmore (1906-1977) was a naturopath and founder with a passion for natural health and inspired people to take control of their wellbeing. He was a true pioneer who not only researched and developed the modality of Celloid Mineral Therapy, but also played a major role in legitimising natural medicine in the Australian public and ensuring its acceptance by regulatory authorities. 


The Blackmores Professional range has been developed with a strong practitioner focus that delivers a more natural approach to health, based on the latest knowledge and research in vitamins, minerals, herbs and nutrients. 


Celloid Mineral Therapy

The Blackmores Professional Celloid Mineral Therapy range is based on the principle that certain mineral deficiencies and lifestyle factors may negatively impact one's health. By addressing the systemic cause rather than the symptoms alone, health may be brought back into balance. They are effective, yet gentle enough to use safely in even the most debilitated patients, and in children.