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About Stacey

Hi I’m Stacey Scott; I am a registered clinical nutritionist, plant based medicine post graduate, skin care specialist with a strong passion in fitness and mobility. 

I started my private practice to provide people with clinical nutritional care in a relatable, fun and supportive way.

Complete wellness is to be whole and balanced in total and optimal physical, emotional & vibrational health. The health experience is unique and needs to be met where you are within your existing journey. There is no such thing as a one size fits all approach. Good nutrition and a healthy relationship with food are vital to feeling your absolute best.

I strive to encourage patients to replace food anxiety with the idea that good nutrition feels like a breath of fresh air – necessary and natural.

I offer evidence-based knowledge with a personalized, holistic approach to develop your realistic nutrition & wellness goals. Every appointment is tailored in the creation of crafting a well, happy and more fulfilled you.