Sarah Spann

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Algester, 4115, QLD (online consults available)
Mon, Tue, Thu 9am - 6pm; Fri 9am-12pm
About Sarah

Hi there!  I'm Sarah - author, holistic nutritionist, gut health consultant, and wellness coach based in Brisbane, Australia.  I am dedicated to changing the paradigm of gut health and work with clients Australia-wide and globally to help them overcome their digestive issues and heal their gut.  I'm really passionate about empowering my clients to take control of their digestive issues and nurture themselves back to their most vibrant health so they can thrive in their lives.

I was drawn to nutritional medicine after a long history of poor gut health including IBS and coeliac disease.  My 10+ years of combined personal and clinical experience has given me a deep understanding of the unique and holistic approach required to facilitate long-term gut healing.

When I work with clients, we look at all aspects of gut health including physical, emotional, mental, environmental, and energetic.

I am also the author Mind The Gut: How to heal your gut from the inside out which is a practical guide to healing from digestive issues and has been enjoyed by readers worldwide.

My qualifications include a Bachelor of Health Science (Nutritional Medicine), Advanced Diploma of Nutritional Medicine, and Life Coach and Velocity Wellness Coach training.  I am also a registered practitioner with the Australian Traditional Medicine Society.

My practice is online-based and all sessions are held by Zoom.  

Reach out to me to discuss how I can support you to move through digestive distress and enjoy life with a healthy, happy gut.