Kerri Alexander

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113 Somerville Road

Hornsby Heights, 2077, NSW
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The Om Movement
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Hornsby, 2077, NSW
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About Kerri

I'm Kerri and I have been a practising naturopath and medical herbalist for 20 years now. 

I’m also a devoted mum of two very busy and vibrant boys, a wife, a passionate cook, a Red Tent sister, gardener, meditator and devourer of many books. 

I was inspired to become a naturopath, and especially an herbalist, after seeing a very talented and compassionate naturopath myself. I was highly stressed and had terrible irritable bowel syndrome, food allergies, headaches, horrible PMS and anxiety. After a number of months of treatment which included herbal medicines, dietary changes, meditation and tonnes and tonnes of slippery elm powder – and time – I got better. It was through my own journey that I realised that I wanted to do the same for others, and why I also have a particular interest and love of treating digestive and hormonal disorders of all kinds.

As a naturopath, I believe that I have the best of both worlds as I'm able to draw on the richness of centuries of herbal medicine knowledge as well as on rigorous modern scientific research based clinical trials, so allowing me to make the most informed and best clinical decisions I can for my clients. I'm passionate about herbal medicine and find it endlessly interesting and exciting, especially as scientific trials always seem to further validate what traditional knowledge has always taught about herbal medicines. I also love reading, learning and growing so you will often find me heading off to a seminar, researching something for a client or co-creating a women’s Red Tent circle.

Most recently, I have begun to combine my knowledge and experience with herbal medicines with cyclic menstrual awareness. The gentle but profound use of cyclic awareness, knowing where you are within your menstrual cycle and the inner season it reflects within your life, allows deep understanding, inner growth and healing. To then weave beautiful and complex herbal medicines and flower essences into each stage of the cycle brings richness and a profound nurturing support and comfort to each woman no matter which life stage she may find herself in. It is beauty-full and humbling work.

I look forward connecting with you.