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About Karen
I am The Women's Naturopath, I work solely online via Zoom and see patients Australia wide.
I work with women to overcome their hormonal and gut issues, and have an interest in preconception, vaginal microbiome and sexual health and digestive health.

I have been mentored by the wonderful Dr Miranda Myles, Moira Bradfield and an integrated GP specialising in the management of SIBO and gut health (Dr Fiona Enkelmann).

Hormonally I see a lot of endometriosis, PCOS, PMS, dysmenorrohea, fertility and preconception, vaginal and sexual health issues. I also specialise in SIBO, IBS, and digestive issues that often accompany hormonal conditions.
Often - this will come down to the management of stress and nervous system as well.
I am passionate about education and working from root cause as to why and how my patients have gotten to that point, and have trained extensively in pathology interpretation with Rachel Arthur.