Karen Carter - Inspire Health with Kaz

Contact info
Black Mountain, 4563, QLD (online consults available)
Monday to Friday - Business hours
0429 612 820
About Karen
Karen is a highly experienced Naturopath and Holistic Occupational Therapist, working in both the clinical environment, corporate organizations and using an online platform, to help you get back on track. Recently presenting at TEDx, she specializes in chronic pain and it's related exhaustion, fibromyalgia and brain fog. 
Karen uses a range of support techniques, offering mind body based techniques, herbal medicine and supplemental medicines, then couples this with simple naturopathic fundamentals to restore the human body back to a balanced state of health.  Karen is also committed to rehabilitation through movement, using the Pilates principles.  She is skilled at both small group clinical pilates using specific equipment and larger mat based classes.  When not helping people, Karen is an avid adventurer, a keen 2 wheel enthusiast, and loves seeking simple pleasures in the outdoors.  For more information, please dont hesitate to call - Mob: 0429612820 or email: sconeinspirehealth@gmail.com or web: www.inspirehealth.com.au