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30 Fourth st

Millicent, 5280, SA
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8 Wehl st north

Mount Gambier, 5290, SA
Wednesday to Saturday by appointment
0408 083 582
About Hayley
Healing through Joy.....

Managing my own business as a single parent, i understand acutely the importance of balance in life, & in health. While I doubt any of us ever get this completely right, it’s still worth striving for.

Working as a Naturopath, Bowen Therapist & Yoga teacher, I am an advocate for personalised medicine. We are all unique & need to be treated as such.

I am in awe of the innate wisdom of the body - we are innately wise, & I work with you to trust in that intelligence. It is present in all of us, & deserves our attention. 

We also deserve to feel seen & heard - & I strive to offer a space where you feel both of those things, as well as empowered to be key in your own wellness journey.

‘Healing through Joy’ forms the basis of my wellness philosophy, & I understand our experience of health is highly personal & ever evolving.

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