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Hannah is a Bachelor Qualified Clinical Naturopath and Certified Brain Health Coach. Through her own health battles and her work in the disability sector, Hannah has always been passionate about helping those who feel lost, disconnected and out of control with their bodies and health. She experienced a life-threatening brain infection at 9 years of age, and became deeply passionate about the power of the brain. After years of experiencing mental health and chronic fatigue, Hannah was able to heal her brain and nervous system holistically. This empowered her to be the happiest and healthiest version of herself and reclaim her life.

Hannah truly understands how health problems can affect your relationship with your body,  yourself and with others. Because of this, Hannah works with you to help you understand and reconnect with your body and your health.  She will educate you on how to listen to what your body needs and make the right adjustments to bring about balance. Her approach is based on education, nutrition, movement, mindset and herbal medicine. With these foundational pillars, she combines ancient healing wisdom with evidenced-based science to find the answers to your health and wellness problems. 

Hannah has experienced first-hand the power of a holistic approach to health and she truly believes in the deep levels of healing that can come from connecting with the right health care practitioner. If you feel like you have tried everything OR you simply don’t know where to start, Hannah would feel privileged to help you on your journey. After all, health is not a destination but a journey, and no journey should be travelled alone.