Dr Ralph Saab - Sydney Health & Sports Clinic

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153 Centenary Rd
South Wentworthville, 2145, NSW
Depends on location - best to call/email
0281 972 200
0296 893 377
About Dr
Operating from two locations, we strive to provide a complete health solution tailor made for your body and type of condition you may have ranging from Osteopathy, Chiropractic, Naturopathy and microscopy.
For example, it's not always about a manual therapy for a sore neck as the underlying cause may be from our organs.... It's important to look at the whole and consider such when trying to identify and address the underlying causes of illness.

South Wentworthville                      02 9689 3377                  info@shsc.com.au
Rouse Hill                                          02 8197 2200                  reception@shsc.com.au